Zero-emission coffee roasting is changing the game

Upgrading current practices 

CEE’s innovative technology is game-changing for industrial coffee roasting. Together we get rid of carbon emissions and eliminate industry-typical problems.

100% electric industrial coffee roasting  

In answer to the industry's current challenges, CEE has developed a patented, 100% electric cleantech that makes the transition to net zero roasting technically and economically viable. Fulfil your SBTi ambitions and…  

fossil fuels
Reduce energy consumption
x 2,5-3 times
Protect your recipe
with hypercontrolled roasting
Adopt a
safer technology

From bean to brew: unlock the power of our zero-emission roasting technology. 

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What makes us tick 

CEE stands for Creative, Economical, Environmental. Our mission is to create climate positive industries. Our goal is to limit global warming by cutting out carbon emissions and to leave the planet better than we found it.

We do this by developing highly efficient cleantech that helps energy-intensive industries reach net zero in their operations whilst safeguarding quality requirements.  

Let’s roast together 

Let's be ambitious, dream big, and skip the half-measures.  Request our whitepaper.

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