Transition to net zero with high-precision roasting cleantech

The food and beverage industry has several incentives to innovate their production processes. Reducing their carbon footprint, meeting SBTi targets, reducing expenditure, gaining a competitive edge, considering increased customer awareness, and responding to market pressure for sustainability—all compelling reasons to adopt innovative solutions over standard practices. This is where CEE comes in: we build our cleantech around your product, and help you tackle today's challenges while elevating your product quality. Harness our disruptive cleantech to revolutionise the roasting industry. Experience full process electrification, eradicate fossil-fuel dependence and achieve unparalleled precision, safety, and 50-80% lower energy consumption. 

Industry-scale full-electric precision roasting

Traditional batch-roasting, with its peak energy demand, is a fossil-fuel dependent and energy-intensive process. In comparison, our cleantech shifts from batch roasting to a continuous roasting approach. This allows for a complete process electrification, thereby eliminating not only fossil-fuel combustion but also the high heating and cooling demands that come with conventional methods.

The energy consumption baseline is 5 to 6 times lower than the peak load energy demand of batch roasting. Due to this lower and more stable energy demand, connection to the electrical grid is possible.

Another advantage of our cleantech is its unrelenting approach to quality. Together with you, we co-develop a solution that is tailored to your product. With unparalleled control and product monitoring during the roasting process, we lift your product characteristics to the next level.

No more peak loads

Shifting from batch roasting with its energy-intensive peak loads to our innovative technology, translates into:

  • Hyper-efficient and precise heat transfer 
  • A continuous energy demand
  • Maximum heat recovery
  • No need for afterburners thanks to a small and constant exhaust flow


We build our innovative electric roasting technology around your product. Our solutions are highly adaptable and can be tuned to the exact needs of your process parameters. This makes our cleantech a flexible and powerful tool to apply across a variety of electric roasting applications, in the range of 500 to 4.000 kgs / h.


Access customised high-precision control and operational flexibility while eliminating fossil fuels


Rest easy with fire-safe and 80% more efficient roasting, without the need for afterburners.


Maintain flavour and reduce food risks with energy-efficient roasting


Enjoy the ease of a safe, unmanned operation and high-precision nut roastin

Achieve operational mastery

Besides creating climate positive industries worldwide, our cleantech also raises the bar when it comes to performance excellence:

  • Reduce GHG emissions
  • Increase your energy efficiency 2.5 times
  • Maintain precision control over your process parameters for top quality output
  • Enjoy the benefits of operational flexibility, such as an unseen Rate of Rise performance
  • Produce on an industrial scale with a throughput of 2-10 metric tons / hour
  • Rest assured with reduced risk of fire
  • Reduce capital and operating costs with easier treatment of odour issues

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