CEE stands for Creative, Economical, Environmental.

We are a cleantech company that guides energy-intensive frontrunners to net-zero in their industrial production processes. Our ultimate goal? Keep global warming below 1.5°C by cutting out industrial carbon emissions.

Since 2007, together with more than 140 companies across sectors from food and beverages to building materials, we’ve been realising climate positive industries.

Central to everything we do, are our clients' strategies and products. We build our cleantech around your product and believe in collaboration based on mutual respect, fuelled by a shared hunger for boundary-pushing innovation.

We spare no effort in ensuring precision and quality. We view disruption as a driver of progress and dare to take risks, backed by our track-record of successful game-changing solutions.

Our mission

Mission statement

We wake up every day driven by the desire to leave the planet in a better state than we found it, by creating climate positive industries. We pave the way to a better future by creating disruptive solutions that eliminate fossil-fuel from our clients' industrial production processes.

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We put our money where our mouth is

The CEE Group consists of three companies that share the same dream:


We create climate positive industries. Our engineering expertise and full-scale section lab allow us to help energy-intensive industries transition to a net zero future.

Ray & Jules

The tagline of CEE's sister company is 'the sunny kind of coffee'. Ray & Jules is our own brand of solar-powered, slow-roasted coffee. It is the culmination of technical expertise and a deep passion and respect for the coffee roasting craft. We believed in the game-changing power of our cleantech before the rest of the world did, and proved its validity by building our very own industry-scale coffee roasting plant.

Focus non-profit

Focus is our non-profit organisation, dedicated to providing autonomous energy supply to small schools and hospitals in the Congo. Every year, CEE's engineers roll up their sleeves and work with a local partner to transform our cleantech expertise into long-term solutions benefiting the local population.

Behind CEE

We are committed to making sound strategic decisions. That's why we surround ourselves with trusted advisors who bring valuable insights and expertise to the table.

Advisory board

Hans Melotte

Former global president & chief supply chain officer at Starbucks, Johnson&Johnson and Procter&Gamble

Tine Snels

Former executive & CCO at GEA, COO at Friesland-Campina and Nutreco

Guy Rigouts

Former executive & CCO at Van Breda Banking, marketing & sales director at Mattel and Procter&Gamble

Hans Dewaele

Executive VP & CCO at Bekaert-Deslee, DesleeClama and Van Hool

Leadership team

Koen Bosmans
Chief Executive Officer
Kristof Cambré
Chief Production Officer
Gita Maebe
Chief Financial Officer
Jakob Berge
Chief Operations Officer
Peter Aerts
Chief Commercial Officer
Karen Braeckmans
Chief People Officer

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