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You want to innovate your industrial production process or have a disruptive idea for a new technology. You're an industry pioneer, who knows innovation is the key to more sustainability, increased competitive advantage and a future-proof business. You have the vision, and now all that's missing is a way to execute it. Not many suppliers are willing to take on the risk of developing a new technology for industrial-scale application. Few have the necessary comprehensive tools or knowledge. There's also the issue of speed: on average, R&D projects need 10 tot 15 years to go from idea to realisation. This is where we come in.

Why partner with CEE?

By coming to us with your innovative concept, you bypass the typical challenges involved with industrial new technology development. Trust us with your disruptive ideas, and rest assured we can come up with a successful solution that meets your demands, in a fraction of the usual timeframe and without the risk.

By focusing on reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and improving energy efficiency, we help you tackle several challenges simultaneously. You will be able to meet SBTi-based targets and alleviate some of the pressure from sustainability legislation. Our cleantech also allows you to elevate product quality and optimise process performance.

The jewel in our crown, however, is our unique full-scale-section lab. Through smart simulations we accurately study and analyse how your product behaves under different atmospheric circumstances. As a result, you can go from idea to industrial-scale application two to three times faster than standard R&D processes, with the assurance of guaranteed performance.

Less risk, more innovation

Our extensive experience and diverse skill set, combined with our technical knowledge and patented testing facilities, place us in a unique position to assist you with your mission to lead and innovate your industry while meeting sustainability targets.

  • Your product is at the centre of everything we do. By building our innovative cleantech around your product, quality and characteristics improve simultaneously with energy efficiency and other metrics of choice
  • Come to us for end-to-end solutions. From study to design, testing, implementation, and building: count on us for the whole package
  • Our full-scale section lab is adaptable to your industry-specific needs. By engineering simulations, it proves the validity of your new technology, allowing you to proceed immediately to full-scale realisation with guaranteed performance 
  • Fast-track innovation: scale-up your idea 2 to 3 times faster than standard R&D processes 
  • We have skin in the game: we believe in our cleantech so much, we often co-invest, or offer our services and solutions via ESCO or pay-per use models


We build our innovative cleantech around your product. We have a unique skillset that allows us to develop new solutions for a variety of industrial processes, by way of optimising thermal processes and reducing carbon emissions.


Elevate taste, eliminate fossil fuels, improve energy-efficiency and optimise your performance... to start with.


Balance quality requirements with process innovations that reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Absorb CO2 emissions in disruptive new production processes. Explore new angles of tackling industry challenges.


Need a partner to develop unchartered new industrial technologies? We got you.

The ingenuity of our full-scale section lab

Our one-of-a-kind, patented full-scale section lab in Geel, Belgium, is the reason we are so confident in the success and scalability of our innovative cleantech solutions. 

  • Accurately study the behaviour of your product in a specific environment
  • Simulate thermal processes set to various industry-specific process parameters
  • Run through different scenarios before building the technology on a full industrial scale.

You can be sure of a smooth transition to full-scale realisation of the new technology, without unexpected disturbances to your production process. Rest easy with guaranteed performance, reap the benefits of game-changing new technology.

Recent cases

Browse our cases to discover the versatility of our technology.


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