Transform industrial-scale drying with innovative cleantech solutions

On average, industrial drying is responsible for 15% of industrial thermal energy consumption, and corresponding CO2 emissions. Organisations therefore have a lot to gain by re-evaluating their drying processes. The potential for reducing energy-related costs is high. Moreover, legislative pressure to reduce carbon emissions makes change inevitable. Which leads to the question: how can industrial drying improve its energy efficiency while elevating the quality of their products and optimising overall process performance? 

Revolutionise drying efficiency

Traditional industrial drying processes have two things in common: they are not very energy-efficient, nor environmentally friendly. Drying comes with a high energy cost, and fossil-fuel combustion is often used for the energy supply.  

CEE's cleantech completely reverses that. The unique combination of our expertise, simulations, tools and full-scale section lab equips us to build dryers that are up to 50% more energy efficient. Our comprehensive approach includes innovations such as smart utility integration and energy performance monitoring.  

Additionally, our innovative approach results in shorter drying times. In malt kilning, for instance, we have seen results where we were able to not only reduce the drying time but also improve product quality. When applying super-heated steam drying to brick manufacturing, we've measured drying times that are 20 to 25% shorter. 

Last but definitely not least is our laser-focus on product quality. Central to our cleantech is precision. This leads to accurate homogenous drying and a better, more functional product. 

CEE's next-gen drying cleantech

The ingenuity of our disruptive solution lies in three focus areas: 

  • Quality: guaranteed homogenous quality thanks to hyper-precise technology 

  • Energy-efficiency: unprecedented improvement of 20-50% better energy-efficiency 

  • Speed: expedited large-scale production with shorter drying times 


We build our innovative drying technology around your product. Our solutions are highly adaptable and can be tailored to the exact needs of your process parameters. As a result, the quality of your product improves. This makes our cleantech a flexible and powerful tool to apply across a variety of drying applications. From drying food or malt to paper or construction materials such as brick and gypsum. 

Food & Beverages

Improve your product's taste and colour while optimising your overall process performance with our innovative cleantech


Gain peace of mind with safe, hyper-precise control and monitoring while achieving unprecedented energy-efficiency


Achieve peak performance for your industrial drying process with our disruptive cleantech solutions 

Raise the bar on innovation

Our cleantech surpasses other continuous drying solutions by offering game-changing innovations across the entire production process: 


  • Achieve accurate and homogenous drying with unparalleled precision 

  • Monitor energy performance - sensors are your gateway to real-time updates on essential process parameters 

  • Reduce energy consumption by improving energy-efficiency 

  • Take it further with smart utility integration: heat-pumps and MVR (mechanical vapor recompression) for instance 

  • Accelerate your drying process with our cleantech's faster drying times, while ensuring steady quality of the product 

Browse our cases to discover the versatility of our technology. 


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"Based on LCA, we can save 20-50% of our energy consumption compared to conventional drying"

Parisa Rafiaani,
Sustainability Scientist at ETEX

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