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CEE creates climate positive industries. You are a product expert and industry pioneer, we build record-breaking innovative cleantech that ends fossil-fuel dependence.

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Sucafina and Beyers Koffie partner with CEE for their net-zero transition

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Sucafina and Beyers

ETEX and Promat install two super-heated steam dryers

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ETEX and Promat

Vandersanden disrupts construction sector with carbon absorbing brick

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Exceed sustainability targets and market expectations while gaining competitive advantage and consolidating your leadership position. By redesigning heat-transfer processes and leveraging smart electrification, we disrupt the status quo by focusing first and foremost on the product, and building everything around that.

As a result, we elevate quality, energy efficiency and fossil-fuel elimination. Rely on us for comprehensive solutions. From conceptualisation to planning, execution, or delivery, trust us to provide the complete spectrum of services.
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Together, we redefine innovation

You're an expert in your field and a master at your craft. We know all about cleantech that helps you achieve your mission. Together, we co-create boundary-pushing solutions that catapult your success.

  • We aim for close partnerships where everybody benefits
  • We pride ourselves in our thorough approach
  • We are not afraid to take risks

This is how your industrial site can reduce 2,2 – 3x times its energy consumption

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Leaving the world better than we found it, that's why we do what we do.

At CEE, we are convinced that as human beings, we have a duty to use energy and resources sparingly. Our mission: contribute to a better world by reducing industrial carbon emissions and limiting global warming. We are on the lookout for brilliant minds and creative thinkers to join our team and help change the world.

‘The time is now,
if not yesterday’

Cory Bush,
CEO of Beyers Koffie

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